Estate Services

The Groundbreaking new way to appraise your coin collection without leaving home.

Inheriting coins from a loved one can be complicated, confusing, and overwhelming. YourCoinBox believes that when people have accurate information, they are able to make the right decisions for themselves and their families. That is what we offer.  The capacity to make a truly informed decision about your coin collection.

Estate Services

Step 1: Learning about your coins and receiving a fair market valuation for the collection.

In a world of clickbait and misleading information, we strive to offer unparalleled transparency and clarity about your coins.  We guide you on the right way to sort and group your items so that you are following the same methods as any professional you might encounter in coin shop. We tell you what unicorns to look for so you can have your very own “eureka” moment. Once we all have a better understanding of what is in the collection, we will ask you to send some photos of the coins that need slightly more attention. These are coins that have a more significant variability in value due to their condition.

Traditionally, you would have to walk into a coin shop and approach a buying desk to establish a valuation for your collection.  This process typically consists of packaging up your coins, traveling to a local shop, spending the day there, and paying up to $150 an hour for their services.  With YourCoinBox, WE OFFER A NEW WAY! Our appraisal process is complimentary and can be done without leaving your home.  You receive an improved service with all of the typical documentation and none of the hassle.

Step 2: To sell or not to sell, that is the question! Free consultation services are the answer.

We understand that receiving an official estimated value for your collection is not the end of the road. YourCoinBox offers free consulting as well! Our team utilizes industry leading technology to incorporate real time market trends as well as historical data into any advice that we offer.  With more that 40 years of numismatic experience on our team, we are well versed in how to best serve each nuance of your unique collection.  In short, we will advise on how to maximize the value of your collection should you decide to sell.

Numismatic Market Futures and Free Updated Appraisals.

We understand that not everyone is ready or able to sell their collection immediately.  In certain circumstances market trends make it clear that it is not prudent to sell at a particular moment in time.  Like any financial market, prices fluctuate and sometimes change dramatically over time.  Due to these market variables, YourCoinBox offers FREE updated appraisals.  This means that when you are ready to sell, we can update your appraisal figures to the current market value and make you an offer.

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