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WE. LOVE. COINS. Lets take a look shall we?

Do you own a coin collection? Would you like to know the value for free and receive a fair offer?

What is the key to a quick and accurate appraisal? Really good photos. Click here for a photo guide to the type of photos that we are looking for.

    Let's see what you got! On a mobile device, you can also use the below to take and upload a new photo.

    Having issues with this submission form? You can send us pictures by email or text as well.

    Photo Guide – How to take a great coin photo!

    Make sure to check out our image examples below.

    Step 1: Start with a dark background

    -For multiple coins, lay them out in a grid pattern so fewer images are needed.

    Step 2: Lighting

    -Using good overhead lighting bring the phone close to the coin without obstructing the light from your lamp.

    -At that point you can slightly zoom in to get the coin nicely framed in the shot.

    Step 3: Focus

    -For single coins, tap your finger to refocus the camera on the obverse (coin talk for “front”) of the coin and take the photo. Do the same for the reverse (back) of the coin.

    -For grid photos, tap your finger to focus the camera on the middle area of the grid.

    Step 4: Take the shot and celebrate its beauty!

    Oh and one last thing, please no flash! Make sure to turn off the camera flash as that can truly make or break a photo.

    Photo Examples:

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